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Malaysia Part one

Malaysia( 1 )


Malaysia magical entice everyone - tourists and others - who want to be famous ultimate master, characterized by multi-ethnic Malaysia, which has affected the art and civilization Malaysian is clear, and is a centre for international exhibitions due to its distinguished geographical location as the centre of Eastern Asia, which makes it filled with the events of year round.
The name of the state: Malaysia - Capital: Kuala Lumpur
Official language: Malawiyeh with the strong presence of English as a second language -
Currency: MYR Riz.
Area: 329,750 thousand km 2 -
Location: South East Asia, bordered by Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei -
Census: approximately 24,400,000 million people
- Time: For GMT +8 GMT it
-- Climate: tropical Malaysia are on the line Alastewaemma granted warm wet rainy skies throughout the year, ranging temperature often between 22 and 32 degrees with a cool heights such as Cameroon and Jntnk Heights
-- Holidays: August 31, 1957 Independence Day / Malaysia Day Malaysia is
divided into two sections Malaysia is the focus of Western tourists in general and the capital Kuala Lumpur and months cities and tourist islands such as Langkawi and Pennank Heights and East Malaysia Cameroon submerged tourist for a few
months ingredients and mandates morning and Sarawak

Capital Kuala Lumpur

City beautiful, and are building a modern and Modern architect and of course the hotels of all classes and calculate your own business is characterized Palmullac huge addition to gardens and parks.

Among the most famous tourist landmarks:
1 - the twin towers.

2 - beacon tower.
3-Heights Jntnk
lies about 60 kilometers from the capital Kuala Lumpur airspace refreshingly moist and many Illabha rain, a mountain summit where the big city park and hotels and commercial Eyassu, there are special buses and renovate nominal prices not exceeding 10 Rnguet person.

4 - Heights Cameroon
away from the capital Kuala Lumpur, 300 kilometers and can be accessed via Berri, which is a mountainous rural area purely contain a small number of hotels and characterized nature landscape and atmosphere rather than elevating wet markets or cities where the games are for recreation, and the famous tea plantations, strawberry, honey, roses and Alsbarimkink Elimination days there Recreation and visit farms Aljamilhlkn remember as a very quiet area and not for entertainment but for recreation only.
5 - Batu caves (Indian Temple) located on the outskirts of the city, and half an hour away by car is a temple of Indians and the temple inside the cave Central Mount You must pay fees 1 Riiz only to be able to sign him, you climb stairs through a long and very tired and it will take you to climb MAGHARA to 20 minutes, but you must beware of monkeys fierce and when you arrive you will find a huge cave, open top small aperture allowing light to enter the cave and you will see a strange rituals and the fire was still burning everywhere in the cave.

6- National Museum
located in the city of Kuala Lumpur in the Dinmsara was established in the museum in 1963 and is considered one of the oldest places where civilization which includes cultural and intellectual heritage of the state and history experienced by the region since ancient times.

.. To the idea that in the picture of the wax statues ..
7 -The Zoo
namely within Kuala Lumpur but Hdik very large and vast and if you want to see all the animals you Setsegrk at least two hours to see all kinds of animals and the value of ticket entry 7 Riiz and you pay the fees for video camera only $ 4 Riiz.

8 - Garden butterflies,
which Atbad only 3 minutes by car from the bird garden, but small size and can enter after payment of entrance fees and $ 10 per person Riiz If you video camera, you must pay four Rinecat Riiz and one regular camera imaging at the log and you will see many kinds of butterflies, as well as volumes very big and strange forms and the garden was covered from top network transparent also to prevent butterflies from the exit and there are also lakes contain different types and forms of fish, turtles and frogs On your way out pass to galleries containing basins huge glass and the inside of alien species of insects and can easily seen and which takes some Color branch or tree or the color of sand Glory Khaliq There are many types of scorpions and spiders and snakes, and you will see also many kinds of insects and stuffed suspended on the walls and out of the park will replace the sale of commemorative artifacts.

-- Silangeor State :
Silangeor located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia is the country's air gateway via the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, located in the "Sibang" States is the most advanced and prosperous Malaysia. Shah is aware of the state's capital city of Urban Design wonderful results from the competition Albaraein built by engineers. Rich sites currently attractive and worthy of exploration, and visit places of cause for comfort and reassurance. As a whole is near Kuala Lumpur, where tourists can her in a few days and spoiled the same Zhia wealth and the unique treasures of them. Mosque Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah in a very famous beauty and the agricultural park, which was established first protected distributed a series of parks and gardens and tropical trees.

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