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Malaysia Part Two

Malaysia 2
It is the largest mandates Malaysia in terms of area, located on the eastern side of the Malaysian peninsula, is the best tourist destination for those who wanted to nature and tranquility and comfort. Fgabadtha oldest world's forests dominate most territory, and months Ha National Park "full Taman" has been estimated age of about 130 million years, living by reviving the plant and animal huge number, the adventure seekers there blasphemy in the river rapid, fishing, hiking and camping, there Many other activities within the forests.

"Malaysia rice basket" that the title referred to the Bowl and neighboring Perlis state, and this is due to the domination of the vast rice fields on the territory of states. Diversity affects the old buildings in its glory "Alaustar" the state capital, making it a place of beautiful promenade and recreation; There is a mosque "Zahir", which is one of the most prominent features of the city as one of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia; There Bali "Bisar" huge wooden been built on in 1898 when there are ceremonies and celebrations state ownership over time. There Bazaar "Pekan Rapu" which Iens market Wednesday and Visitors Avenue, which is the purpose of the acquisition of artefacts and tasting foods popular; addition to being the birthplace of the Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr. Mhadermamed .. These factors gave the city a great popularity. There brainstorming Tower "Alaustar" which is one of the most prominent features of civilization to this mandate.


Malacca, which lies about 150 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur is the cradle Kingdom Almalouet founded in 1440 by Prince DC (Baramesuara). Expanded its borders at the height of its periods of Johor border southward to the borders of Perak comprehensive. Slept under the Malacca Sultanate and flourished even become the most important trade center in the region. Underwent several occupation of Malacca Portuguese occupation and the Dutch and British left their respective effects and the appearance and habits continue to exist in the lives of some groups Pmalaca. Months and Antiquities: Castle "Avemuza" Portuguese, Dutch and the obelisk John Castle The village mosque "Ulu" and the village mosque "Keeling" and a number of Churches of Christ church known red church built in 1753 and the Church "Francis" One of the most important is worth a visit in Malacca et lumiere depiction history Mlagah by colored lights that are vivid pictures with the story and dialogue .

Perlis :
Perlis located in the northwestern part of peninsular Malaysia, fly Leland; in terms of area is the smallest states in Malaysia, the full advantage of static and calm atmosphere and fresh air, all this makes them ideal for taking resort installment multitude of rest and recuperation. Its economy is focused on agriculture, particularly rice Therefore, the mandate is dubbed basket Rice Bowl of Malaysia and other crops are thriving, such as rubber, sugar cultivation. Perlis row population mix of ethnic population; Alsnyen and a Malay, Indian, Thai, which is apparent in the diversity of religions, cultures, customs and the diversity of foods.


From the area where the largest mandates Malaysia, situated in the south-western part of the island of Borneo. Bakr land is full of mountains and faces the tropical forests of Virgin infested caves where strange and wonderful caves, Wildlife and collapsed under way. Cushing state capital onto the river Srok where many sites worthy of the visit and provide their guests comfort and comfort himself. Collapsed by the powerful Artiedha a lot of fun adventurers, and there were long traditional housing shelter for fishermen. Addition to the natural features rare bromide advantage Srok different races and cultures of people of many museums Kalmthv different neighbourhood which is known by the Sarawak Cultural Village, which lies about 35 kilometers from the capital, Cochin, Kalmthv Islamic Museum wood, the museum and other Chinese either be mixing indigenous inhabitants Srok actual market Sunday in which the various local products.


Sabah Located in the north-east of the island of Borneo. Onto many aspects of the South China Sea, inhabited by different races this state deserve exploration of 31 ethnic cultures and customs and Tkaldim. Capital Kota Kina Palo City, modern facilities developed by the tourist resorts good. Notorious for this mandate Alsyayha unique natural sites which attract huge numbers of tourists. Kinabalu Park, including the famous dense forests and high mountains, which confirmed the high summits in 4095 and which is the pride of this state can climb these mountains, and recreation within the forest and enjoy the scenic Witch also allow visitors the opportunity to view the giant flowers unpolluted bromide in the world's largest flower in the world than some of Qatar 1 p.m. . including park Danom abounding neighborhoods endemic flora and fauna of the tropical regions. and not far from the Snrkan after 20 minutes there is a protectorate of the control monkeys enjoy these creatures a curfew and lookup way mountain within its natural environment can be viewed as a Cordon Fahd unique addition to the Chancery wonderful again . Quick like a river Kyulo rivers and river Badas, collectively constitute the ideal place for adventurers and sports lovers blasphemy. Islands Tuanku Abdul Rahman close to Kota Kinabalu is ideal for practicing various marine sports, camping and recreation.

Nigry Sempelan:
Mean nine States have called this name for it divides in the past to nine different provinces each leader; capital is "Srmban" has a strong network of railway lines and lines rapid land, including the capital Kuala Lumpur and its environs from Alolaiataatuad immigrants from Sumatra to the mandate left a clear imprint in the Planning villages and architecture of the houses Almnhih ceilings, as well as customs and traditions that have influenced all aspects of life Bnjeri Sembilan Ktmlik real estate and marriage system and customs, dances and other popular

Johor is the only state bordering the Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea. Near the capital of several Barua SINGAPORE, easy to transit through a network of roads and railway Repaint by fame and made great destination tourists transients. This city boasts historic attractions frequented by tourists frequently mosque and the Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Museum and the Sultan Ibrahim building. Fact that the city bus free market commercial centres modern nation made before shoppers and investors find the tourist variety of marginal commodity prices low and crafts and souvenir wonderful as well. Mgamri Aladelga small park lies in Indore Rumbin National Forest.

The holiday fun resorted Tabiehalsahrh waterfall "Cottatengji" the greatest and most appropriate places Perak, derived the name "Perak" metal tin, which therein territory this metal pair only economic situation of this mandate, which was a reason for the emergence of many of the affluent since Ages free. Tourists can learn on the tin mining and geological history to visit the museum for the city "Ipoh" the state capital.

Perak today, the city is rich in active recreation sites and enjoy distributed Alemsaha 2100 square kilometres, the state capital Ipoh bus beautiful sceneries and restoration of the organization and gardens, famous for singing stores selling fruit characteristics of the region. City Royal Perak "Kuala Kinjdzisar boast several old buildings of great artistic value and the effects of interesting minors Alexandria and mosque "Abdeen" It is striking to consider is the existence of the oldest rubber tree is another rubber trees brought in from the garden "London Que"; to the south of the state. Alimsavh there are only 15 kilometres of "Abu Saeung" that abound and workshops industries hand-utensils, crockery, which referred to by this mandate.

(Historical monuments in Perak):

This mosque is located in Bukit Chamdan in Kuala Knsar, built in 1917 time Sultan Idris Shah Morshed determined XXVIII Sultans of Perak, Sultan Q. foreboding that the disease Vendhir that it is cured to build a mosque in the very beauty, built over several difficult stages led to suspension of work when , Once fled to Vilan of elephants Sultan Fdasa what there is marble and wages, and again for the Second World War broke out. This mosque is the most beautiful and wonderful mosques Malaysia and the pride of the people of Perak, is Mtlaloua golden domes and high Mnarath Tawal to reveal the beauty and freshness of the unique Islamic architecture.

* Kellie’s Castle
Located in Batu Gajah 4 km south of the city of Ipoh, founded by William Kelly Scotland in 1915, the completion of construction of a dream Kelly desired, however, prevented him away and the destination where he died in 1926, leaving behind this effect is rare, which reveals the historical value of Perak. It is the remnants of this building, the number of rooms and one private company, the tunnel welcomed tower immune.

* Leaning Tower Teluk Intan
Thelok Aintan located in the State of Perak founded in 1885 as a reservoir for water draws people from the vicinity, design and Menisectomies left to make it corresponds Tower (Pisa) Italy in italics to the right, 25.5 meters in length, and shows there is eight roles - The familiar faces of the other three will find roles, this building is a historical masterpiece attract tourists to this region.
* Fort The Dutch
Dutch fortress, founded in 1690 in the region of Teluk Gedonj Island confiance, the Dutch holed up against pirate attacks and the rebels to launch local Bangima Kolob him and his relentless war prompted Balholndein to abandon. Remained unchanged appearance to give the National Museum renovation in 1973 to prevent its disappearance.

* Station Ipoh Railway
For those in Kuala Lumpur, situated in Jalan Bukit Bangliman Jntanj Wahab, a teacher of outstanding historical monuments in the city of Ipoh, superb architectural features of Islamic decoration and the many brackets, and along with the surrounding gardens beautiful flowers is a wonderful sight reflects the heat of the city Bzoarha welcome.

* The First Rubber Tree
Planted in 1877 near the headquarters of the province Kowalaknsar, a tree only nine who remain sown in the region. Attracting assets from Kew Garden in Britain to Singapore and then to Kowalaknsar Redlai English, which was the reason for turning this area into a manufacturing centre and the development of the rubber industry to become one of the most important resources of the country's forest parks in Malaysia
Malaysia treasures its natural lacking in many states, vast tracts of virgin
rainforest old high mountains towering waterfalls and rivers flowing current and caves and bizarre animals and trees and flowers amidst giant, which hardly is matchless in the world. To preserve this natural wealth rare Government has set up reserves called National Parks.

One ancient natural treasures in the world of hitting 130 million years old, according to some estimates modern scientific, where one of the oldest tropical forest in the world. Stretching over an area of 4343 square kilometers. Shelter hundreds of varieties birds and countless numbers of animals and Alebattat tropical trees and large perennial also distributed in altitude housing indigenous people who are still nomadic habits and reer old

Located north of the capital Kuala Lumpur, a distance of 20 to you, which is the nearest to the park. Consisting of several tropical forest of different trees Nbatan spreading variety Tamwe surrounded by animal and insects, butterflies, as a number of elevations of lime rock formations alien and several waterfalls descent from the 100-meter high and flowing waters in a natural pool is most appropriate in the region to spend a malfunction in the arms of the week Nature singing.

- Park National Endau Romping
Located at the crossroads of the limits of my times and Pahang, the second largest parks in Peninsular Malaysia, covers an area of 48905 hectares, capped one of the oldest rain forests that have not abuse by the hands of humans, the rocks date back to 248 million the year, the advantage heavily Tlalh Anejadh with rocks and sand ridge The gathering of rivers, and harbours Plastic large depository and other animals, and the most important sites where Province Orange original (Aboriginal villages) and waterfalls located in Iobh Julinj, Bwaya Sancot. This is the intent of the park wanted to enjoy the wildlife and the environment Virgo.
Some of the words that have useful in Malay:
Salutations : Assalamualaikum
Welcome : Selamat Datang
Good morning : Selamat Pagi
Good evening : Selamat Malam
Bye : Selamat Jalan
Goodbye : Jumpa Lagi
Praise God for safety : Selamat Datang
Thank you : Terima Kasih
sorry : Sama - sama

Every year, and you okay : Selamat Tahun Baru
Happy Eid : Selamat Hari Raya
Come inSila Masuk
Make yourself in your house: Buat Rumah Sendiri
? How are you ? Apa Khabar
Fine thank you, and you ?Al-Hamdulillah Baik dan Kamu
Here you are : Silakan
Nice to meet you Selamat Berkenal
By this part I have finished one of the most important tourist attractions in Malaysia and I hope that the theme useful for visitors to the code .. and waite more about other countries ....

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