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El Salvador

El Salvador

Salvador is a one of the smallest countries in Central America. It is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world. It has Pacific beaches, reach colonial past, ancient Mayan monuments and there is one of the best coffee in the world.

The Mayans pyramids

They are not as Egyptian pyramids. The Mayans, who created the unique city system, were cultured: they had calendars and unusual ceremonies. They believed that the earth was flat and the sun died each day at sunset. And it reborn in next morning. It needed blood and so at every scared place are horrible stories of killing their sons and daughters . They even held contests among themselves for the owner of being sacrificed. The chosen one had their heads cut of. But the unlucky one had their hearts cut out while they are still alive. The skins of the victims were worn by the rulers who gave them poetic names like Three Monkeys or Sixteen Rabbits, so that they would inherit the dead soldier's bravery .

The building that were built around the pyramids like in El Tazumal or Copan, its beside the Salvadorian border in neighboring Honduras and belong to the rulers and the Mayan religious notables, the first Mayans village was found under a layer of lava. It's called the Salvadorian Pompei. Thought the Mayans escaped their volcanic eruption 1400 years ago, they did not have time to take anything with them.


Many of volcanoes you can see it during your flight as a plane circles over them. One of the interesting the interesting things is that the sand on the beaches of Salvador have a dark colour . The national volcano is Izalco, which last erupted in 1972. Now the only thing spewing out is steam. The calmest volcano is Cerro Verde, a volcano completely covered in green, which has not been heard from 10 000 years. The true forest filled with orchids, lianas, snakes, armadillos and many types of parrots and coffee is growing on its hillside.


The waves are as high as hills come after the other. You can rent a small surf board and try your skill at riding the waves. The ocean is full with fishes. All you need are underwater swim goggles to see moray eels and stingrays.


Today the descendants of the Maya make a living by growing coffee. The Gurmet brand is mainly exported to developed western countries. Salvador also has many enormous sugar cane plantations.

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