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Processing of travel

Processing of travel

Why processing of travel?
(1) help organize the trip to gain time. That you have a list of things that must be taken with you on the journey consumption of time used for rewriting at every new journey.
(2) help you organize the trip to provide some money. Ola shopping done before the start of the journey, from spending money on things that may be discovered later that you do not need or buy them at times.

(3) help you organize your trip to avoid tension. There is no need for Tauterpinma You are looking at Pockets on tickets and passport inside the airport if all the securities and placed in one place.


1 - know allowable weight Biya on the ticket: And S Ibiqi written on the ticket and often on the same line Hatlaekaya From the time the trip and bush Kg kg or even electronic ticket Enter Lee site on the company and I know or ask you Pthkhoz S Haibaki weight, which imposed Mnadhoush Otherwise Hatdf money on each kilogram increase.
2 - personal necessities like: Dental mattress, paste spear, razors, Jal barber, hair mattress, Superintendence of the sun, creams Awaladoih who Pttakhadd a regular basis, first aid like a simple aspirin or any public accommodation.

3 - Clothing: Be practical Take you clothes and comfortable shoes that can continue with you throughout the journey. Objective of the trip is to enjoy States and the places you visit, not a review of the uniforms. The remaining person, but as a necessary DISCLAIM sight of how weight? Preferably not putting any something precious air bags and putting large luggage in hand luggage as possible and lost insurance airline not Haigtiha, equipped with you Specials on Eidak because in the winter Duffy airport road in the streets, but most airports either cold in the summer, but the opposite free land Airport cold air adjustment and should have know the temperature in the city who Hanrohaa because we prepare

4 - Order handbag:

Put in the handbag Securities task like insurance tourist ticket, Albesbor.
Is strictly prohibited any machine sharp knife or Moss or scalpel or even Ksafh abide tranquility way, children explosives, plastic pistols for children, Scissors, any acid or no food or water, can retain drink until your arrival to the security inspection only.
Could accompany all goods to be purchased from shops exempted customs and airports located within the EU or aboard airlines within the European plastic bags closed as long as the cell-based purchasing for the same day.
Alhdhirhit you envisage that the possession of drugs and air-conditioners, even if small quantities are punished severely punished (starting from the prison and up to the penalty in serious cases).
General comments:
* On travel on domestic flights must be a traveler at the airport before taking off an hour later.
* On travel on international flights must be a traveler at the airport before taking off about two hours later.
* Must have a passport valid for at least three months, when the desire to travel to Arab countries.
* If you take Mobelk Rouomgnj and make it work for you by any country.
* Write No. price in the paper and keep in a safe place.
* Prefer to use cheques and credit cards if possible with a separate data for use in the event of
Do not carry all your money once a flutter. Be sure to cover your trip and balances may occur from positions of emergency.
* Send email to yourself before the start of the trip includes all the information important figures plane tickets, credit cards and passport and card number leadership and this way if your wallet is lost or stolen, all you need is to go to a cybercafe and your navigation.
* Buy plastic bags, which can be closed for the development of the cosmetics. Or something fears that the fly from which protects your clothes from any leakage.

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