Friday, August 22, 2008

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Surprisingly beautiful and magnificent contrast Sharm el Sheikh is the most expensive and fashionable resort of Egypt. The beauty of Sharm el Sheikh is specially. This place is surrounded by mountains, sometimes resembles a lunar landscape, rolling exotics in the tropics. In Sharm el Sheikh all harmoniously and festive, and where the desert ends, begins Sea, off the coast of which are beautifully five palaces-hotels, speakers from the bright greens proud palm trees and gorgeous palm orchards. Sharm el Sheikh is divided into two districts, administrative - Sharm el Maya, and tourist - Naama Bay. It is a resort of new generation, where all serves to comfort and convenience of tourists, there is no atmosphere of polluting industries, but because the air transparent and clean, as in other sea and that affects abundance of coral and unusual fauna. And because "King Bay", namely the so translates Sharm el Sheikh, a recognized world center of diving and diving with a mask. All necessary for luxury sailing with a mask and diving in Sharm el Sheikh you can rent at any local store, at any beach, where the same tourists who do not have a practice dives, experienced instructors, will help absorb the foundations of diving in Sharm el Sheikh. Do not complain about the time spent studying, what you will become available after the surprise rate your imagination. All that which is hidden under thick crystal clean water of Red Sea is difficult to describe. Varicolored corals, many shoals of colorful fishes, unimaginable colors and sizes, surprisingly diverse flora species conquer hearts to meet divers, which among others, providing diving in the national park "Ras Mohammad, which focused all the diversity of North Sea Hemisphere.

Besides "Ras Mohammad" - this is not a special highlight on maps made from space Magical place, immerse themselves in the head with his transparent water, you can think of desire, which is absolutely true. You can enjoy the underwater kingdom and sitting on board a boat with a transparent bottom, and then the fear of a possible meeting with the sharks will be defeated. But diving and swimming with a mask is not the only entertainment in Sharm el Sheikh. Here is where novice surfers can improve their skills in the management of sail, because the soft breeze creates a wonderful environment for windsurfing in Sharm el Sheikh, while wishing to ride on a water bike, ski and parachute to experience the joy of translating their dreams. Toward the evening, you can walk on the romantic promenade that connects individual hotels and there are more than 70, most of which 5 *, for example, Hyatt Regency, Maxim Plaza Hotel, Domina Coral Bay and many others.
If you want to see a magnificent sunset, you can sit in one of the many restaurants along the quay, where new dishes Egyptian cuisine, you want you served with a delightful flavored hookah tobacco.

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