Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

Dakhla Oasis Located between the towns of Mut and Al Qsar this oasis is approximately 200 kilometers from the Oasis Harga and 250 kilometers from the Farafra Oasis. Mut is a maze of narrow streets and stone homes located on the slopes of the hill. And on top of the citadel worth, which was once the center of the city. On the hill a fantastic view of the medieval city and rocky cliffs, dunes and desert. Near the new city centre is an old Muslim cemetery and around the city - hot sulfur springs. The second city Al Qsar is a small ancient town, where most buildings preconditioned in the traditional architectural style. The narrow streets (which once provided protection to citizens of midday sun and sand storms) non-transferable create a medieval atmosphere. Most houses and buildings are above the door memorable board on which carved the names of the builder, owner, as well as the number and a quotation from the Koran. The earliest board dates from 924 year AD. From Cairo to Dakhla daily walk three buses.

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