Friday, April 18, 2008

Luxor Overday from Hurghada, Egypt

The overday start At 5:30 am and the buses gathered in Safaga and move from there heading to Luxor at 7 o'clock, yes from Hurghada to Safaga about an hour and a half.
When the buses start moving you can see the road taken across the desert and mountains to reach Qena.
-Qena is a big city and beautiful, and the River Nile going through it and the famous mosque (Abdel Rahim El Kenawy), and you can see it in the video.

In the overday there is heading to the east of Luxor to start (Karnak), and then (the Valley of the Kings) and (Hatshepsut), and there is heading west of Luxor to start (Hatshepsut) and (the Valley of the Kings) and then ends with ( Karnak) But any programme will visit two statues (Memnon) then begins the trip.
-The video follows:

1 - two statues (Memnon)
2 - (Hatshepsut Temple)
3 - (The Valley of the kings)
4 - cross the River Nile by boat sail to the other bank (to the east of Luxor)
5 - temples of Karnak
6 - back to Hurghada

*Noting that there is a break between Luxor and Hurghada

I wish that you enjoyed the video.

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