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The castle "In love with the wind", Sozopol, Bulgaria

The castle "In love with the wind", Sozopol, Bulgaria

Did u hear about the castle "In love with the wind", also known as the Castle of Ravadinovo?

 It is an amazing attraction located 2 km from Sozopol, Bulgaria. It is the childhood dream of his owner- a fairy-tale castle built of greenery with a huge garden, a lake with swans and a lot of beauty in exquisite details.
The building started in 1996 and used 20,000 tons of stones - manually taken out of Strandja Mountain, aged about 65 million years. According to the researches of geologists these rocks contain traces of micro diamonds and probably for this reason the castle changes its color - morning with a tinge of pink, white during the day, when the moon is full it shines ...
At the entrance you can see a statue of knight Tumpel and on the pedestal it’s written:

"I am a stranger from a distant land and I carried you in my heart,
I kept it hidden in the threads in my soul, as a mother keeps her child.
I carried a long way dream of mine and I built you stone by stone,
I already see you front of me now - "in love with the wind" fairy-tale castle! "

The castle provides unique memories, and an excellent photo opportunity, especially if you come in the summer. In the summer the walls and towers are covered in lush green ivy mantle and the flowers in the garden are in full bloom. There are no guided tours so visitors are free to wander about on their own. The garden is huge. Take your time, stroll along the beautifully landscaped alleys. You can listen to the sounds of parrots talking, peacocks screaming and the water splash in ponds and basins.

You can stop by the lake and watch the graceful swans float peacefully across the clear water surface.

There is a chapel with unique iconostasis and icons with baroque elements. 

Đ¢here are also fancy fountains, statues, antiques, tiny bridges and other amazing treasures.


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