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Geneva in three steps, Switzerland

Geneva is The second most populous city in Switzerland after Zurich, and the third European financial center. With a little exaggeration, it is possible to say that Geneva can be seen in just three steps, thanks to its rather small size and very well organized mass transportation and highway system.
Its cold and wet almost all the year round, Geneva is a world city located at south west of Leman Lake ( or Geneva Lake). The city owes its cosmopolitan atmosphere to the fact that the famous GERN physics laboratory the European office of United Nations as well as the headquarters of many international corporations and NGOs are all located there.

Geneva Lake

Palace of Nations

Geneva is a green and clean city, While luxury cars parade on the streets in rush hours, many of the inhabitants prefer to walk or ride their bicycles.
Jet d'Eau is the hallmark of Geneva: Pumping 500 liters of water from Leman Lake with a 200 km/h speed, this water jet looks like a natural wonder made by human hands. It only operates when the weather is fine and not windy. You can take a boat tour on the lake to see it up close.
Jet d'Eau Geneva

Geneva is the center of Swiss watchmaking. There you can find the stores of all famous watch brands of the world and shop for fine jewelry as well. Running along the lake shore, Rue de Rhone is the street where these stores are lined up. If you have an interest in quality watches, you will spend quite some time there, looking at the shop windows.

To have a better insight of the history of watchmaking in Geneva and to see how good the Swiss are in watchmaking, you must definitely visit Patek Philippe museum. There you can also see valuable watches produced for the Ottoman Palace.
Patek Philippe museum

You can find shopping malls around Rue Basses and the stores of high end brands around Rue de Marche. But please note that shopping hours in Geneva are limited. You have time until 07 o'clock in the evening. Many if tge stires and malls ate closed onsundats and thus the sweet rush on the streets on saturdats.
Vieille Ville is the place for history and art enthusiasts, with its brilliant art galleries, chic cafes, gothic and neoclassic houses, cathedrals and churches, You can take the Geneva Tram for sightseeing but it will be easier and more fun to walk.

Geneva Tram

Geneva public transport
Official website of the City of Geneva
Patek Philippe museum

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