Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Meteora, the Holy Rocks in Greece

Somewhere between Pindos and Hasiya, where the plain of Thessaly landscape lost the first roll of the magnificent mountains in central Greece, is the Meteora. Huge dark rocks, which rise in the suburbs of

Thessaly land remind tenacious grip in fatal ancient giants. The view is impressive with its majesty. This unusual phenomenon is not mentioned in legends or myths of antiquity in, no Greek or foreign author of antiquity, whose writings to speak for him. The centuries zealously guard the confidentiality of its occurrence.

It is one of the most picturesque sights of Greece. The Meteora is a complex of 24 monasteries and hermitages, built in smooth rocks that once served as a shield for monks seeking refuge from the Byzantine army raids. Construction of the Meteora monasteries in the complex that included one or two churches, monastic cells, library, refectory, water tanks, continued even during the Turkish expansion. Built in the incredible difficulties the Meteora monasteries severely damaged during the Second World War and the ensuing civil war, but were restored in the 1960's. Thus, to date, of all the great heritage of Meteora lived four largest monasteries: Great Meteoron (1350 g), St. Varlaam or All Saints (1530 g), St. Stephen (1312 g), St. Trinity (1458 g. Earlier, the monasteries and Skete Meteora, most of which are now uninhabited, were fragile narrow staircases, fortified by nearly cliff, and up to 1920's were also used winches, which now applies only to lift cargo. In fact it is reasonable to question travelers: «How often changing the rope to winch», - the monks calmly replied: «When God will please».

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